Smart Reads: Fiction Edition


Smart Reads: Fiction Edition


Today in culture, we lay the fictional spoils of the internet at your feet, including new work by Blake Butler and Nick Hornby.

The highlights:

The Hairpin gives Another Country a richly-deserved shout-out.

David Carr‘s duality.

-The letters of T.S. Eliot, 1926-27.

-Blake Butler’s new amazing vertical story for Bomb.

-Does reading set women free?

-Are young people rubbish?

-On the intense, nipple-slicing pleasures of Ichi the Killer.

-If Alice in Wonderland wasn’t horrifying enough…a pop-up book!

-It was inevitable: Lena Dunham on Nora Ephron.

-A new short story by Nick Hornby.

Another Life.