Smart Reads: Design Edition


Smart Reads: Design Edition


Today, in the world of design:

Oh no they didn’t: Reading Rainbow is being revived as an iPad app.

-Here is the John le Carre canon, redesigned for re-release by Penguin.

-Here is Jenny Volvovski’s project to redesign books she reads.

-Here are strange words illustrated.


And elsewhere:

Cairns on La Cava.

-The everlasting weirdness of Ophuls’ The Reckless Moment.

-And And God Created Woman…

-The silent Olympic games.

-Is Jaws truly the greatest movie ever made? We have our doubts. But charts are usually conclusive.

Interiors: a magazine that deconstructs and analyzes films in terms of their indoor mise-en-scene. Why the fuck didn’t we think of this?

Frank Ocean is gay! Hooray!