July 13, 2012

Today in culture: a glance at Dave Eggers’ bookshelf, a glimpse into a taut late-70s debate over Life of Brian‘s morality, and a rundown of Mark and Jay Duplass’ latest magnum opus.

The highlights:

-Dave Eggers curates his own Smart Reads at the Times.

-Frank Ocean’s Channel Orange gets Target’s panties in a bunch–undertones of homophobia denied.

-Ill fiction.

-A closer look at Harold Bloom‘s Shakespeare: the Invention of the Human.

-The poetry of W.G. Sebald.

-It’s all about me.

-Back in the day jam: John Cleese and Michael Palin defend Life of Brian from the accusations of mad clergymen.

-Black Folk Don’t…

-The Vatican goes digital.

-The latest Duplass effort.

-The Cool Blonde: Grace Kelly films at BAMcinematek.

-Christian Marclay’s The Clock is back in town.

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