June 15, 2012

Today in culture: the second issue of Lola magazine ushers in some truly excellent film writing, while Claude Lanzmann expresses his reincarnation preferences.

The highlights:

-A letter to Gilbert Adair

-Chantal Akerman gets interviewed in her pajamas.

-The thin line between documentary and fiction.

-More Ridley Scott fever: Geoffrey O’Brien weighs in on the Alien franchise.

-Rapes, Requiems and Wreckers. Intrigued?

-Claude Lanzmann wants to be reincarnated as a rabbit.

-n+1 takes on the Twittersphere.

-Vagina talk: has Girls taught us nothing?

-True stories.

-Spook: the mash-up magazine.

-Dave Itzkoff does his best to ignore that Woody Allen is failing.

-This Friday mixtape includes a Salt-n-Pepa selection, and therefore is the best Friday mixtape.

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