June 14, 2012

Today in culture: Martin Amis gets a dressing down (sort of) and David Cairns takes on French animation. Are you ready?

The highlights:

-How smart people are stupid.

-Adam Mars-Jones on Amis’ Lionel Asbo for the London Review of Books.

-Downton Abbey intellectualized at last.

-The trailer for Paul Verhoeven’s latestTricked.

-David Cairns on Alain Jessua.

-The gay gene?

-Carlos Reygadas, interviewed.

-The Caster Semenya madness of years ago has given way to a fair ruling.

-The Duplass brothers are secret Alan Alda fans.

-Double win- restored versions of Double Indemnity and The Lost Weekend are out.

-Marc Maron at The Believer.

-Consider Stephen Dixon…

-Erica Jong at  Slant.

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