Sky Ferreira is Playboy’s Newest Playmate


Sky Ferreira is Playboy’s Newest Playmate


Photography: Sandy Kim

When BULLETT first met Sky Ferreira, she was just getting ready to release her debut album, Night Time, My Time, then titled, I Will. She was an anxious wreck and just starting to come into her own—to feel comfortable enough to be herself and tell everyone to fuck off. Since then, she’s definitely learned to do just that, choosing to break the rules in order to follow her own.

But still, Sky continues to surprise—first, by shedding her teenage image with her topless cover for Night Time, My Time, and then, with her actual undeniable talent. Now the singer-turned-model-turned actress will be gracing the cover of the legendary nudie magazine, Playboy, this October—though, technically it’s no longer nude.

Ferreira took to social media last night to announce her new role as a Playmate, and today, the magazine unveiled a preview of “The Renegades Issue,” also featuring interviews with Stoya and Against Me! frontwoman, Laura Jane Grace.

Ferreira is apparently the very first Playmate to be a creative collaborator, as well as art direct her own shoot. Her double is also the first in more than 60 years. The spread will accompany an in-depth interview by Nebraska actor Bruce Dern, in which the singer discusses her career and growing up in the industry.

“You’d think it would make it easier to book jobs, but when people have an idea of you and who you’re supposed to be, it gets in the way,” she says. “[…] Even when I was 15 years old, going by myself to meetings with Sony or some other place, they’d be like, ‘Little girl, you don’t know what you’re talking about.’ But they kept wanting to get my music from me. There’s this entire ‘shut up and be pretty’ mentality, and I’m so tired of apologizing. Don’t pacify me.”


The photos themselves, shot by Ferreira’s friend and photographer Sandy Kim, are different than the usual Playboy aesthetic. Using film, the photos offer a nostalgic look at Ferreira, as she wears a baby pink vintage bunny costume among other vintage-inspired looks. Along with the images, comes a cute ’80s-inspired GIF, and a Ferreira-directed video of herself, reminiscent of frequent collaborator, David Lynch.

Check out Ferreira’s Playboy spread, above, and her teaser video, below.