January 8, 2013

(Brief, irrelevant blogger life update) The Internet in my apartment is in a state of permafuckeduppedness for the time being because nearby construction has detached the cable wires from the building they were attached to, leaving them ineffectively slung across the floor. Having to be at a coffee shop so early to make my daily bread already has me in a fugue state, downing as many cheaply priced cups of coffee as it takes to justify sitting here for most of the work day.

BUT: I do have television, still, and thus this performance by Sky Ferreira on last night’s Late Night With Jimmy Fallon provided a much needed respite from pacing my apartment like Martin Sheen in Apocalypse Now, smashing bottles across my face while drunkenly howling “OPTIMUM” until the neighbors called the cops. Making her network television debut to perform “Everything is Embarrassing,” the totally not embarrassing song that rightfully made everyone’s year-end music lists, Ferreira knocked it out of the park with her well-enunciated ode to demoralizing heartbreak. (She’s also backed by The Roots.) Give it a watch and feel better about everything.

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