January 3, 2013

Just when it had finally seemed like DJ nerds were finally over complaining about how Skrillex and company weren’t playing ‘tr00 dubstep’, the game-changing producer has completely flipped the script on those motherfuckers by making a track that sounds exactly like what they were always trying to tell us all about in the corner of a loft at 4 am while we were looking for an escape route/dodging coke spittle. On the plus side for these strawmen I’m fighting with in my brain right now, “Leaving”, the new song in question, sounds so much like acclaimed UK sad-step bro Burial’s Untrue record, in fact, that now they can complain about how club kids are going to think Skrillex invented this sound, but Jesus dude, I don’t know, I gotta go talk to a girl or something at this party, take it down a notch.

For real though, that Burial record. No joke.

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