Sidney Samson and Teach the World How to Party in Awful New Song


Sidney Samson and Teach the World How to Party in Awful New Song


If there’s a few things that the music-loving kids of the world are lacking of late, it’s a sense of unfounded self-esteem and any sort of motivation to ‘party’ in ‘the club.’ You just don’t see much of that anymore. That’s why this new track from Sidney Samson, at one point a very serious and credible Dutch House DJ, and his partner in cliche-mongering, is such a breath of fresh air. Samson, fresh off his MacArthur Genius Grant-level dissertation producing the inimitable “Get It Started” by Pitbull and Shakira, has taken another bold step forward in the world of art and letters with “Better Than Yesterday.”

The verse unfurls a little fast and furious here in this cut, but the lyric video breaks it down for us. “Hey. Hey. Hey. Eeeeyah oh. Eeeeyah oh,” he sings. “Today is better than yesterday. I want to go out and celebrate. I want to party the night away. Cause life is better than yesterday.”

Eh, not sure exactly, because I hadn’t heard this song yesterday, so the past is kind of inching out ahead in this contest from my vantage point.

“Look at me now baby look at me now.”

I know, I am. I really am looking at you my hardest. Can you feel my glare? There you are, right up there. I see you!

“Party down like you don’t give a fuck. Pour some more of this up in your cup. Get drunk, get fucked up. Bang, bang, aratta bang, bang,” adds will.iam, because there’s nothing that bland clubbers like better than lyrics that literally narrate what they are doing while the song in question is playing. Hey, this is just like the party we’re at right now you guys!

I’m looking forward to the next collaboration from these two, titled “Reconsider Your Life Choices and Find Meaning In Your Empty Existence.” Then again, this is coming from a guy who just had to use a rolled up ball of gauze in the bathroom because he ran out of toilet paper, so maybe I’m not the most respectable source to be giving out life advice.

Still though, kind of a banging track. Gonna be a huge hit. See you on the dance floor, it’s going to be the best night ever.

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