Seriously WTF is Up with Frank Ocean


Seriously WTF is Up with Frank Ocean


By now we all know Frank Ocean didn’t release his album on Friday, as was previously suggested by outlets including The New York Times and Apple Music. Instead, we got some Frank Ocean Snapchat filters, possibly leaked images from the Boys Don’t Cry zine, and some crazy new theories as to when the album will actually be available.

The images, leaked on Tumbr, have some credibility, according to Frank Ocean theorists and superfans. There’s a green glittery butt that has been linked to an Instagram photo by artist Vasilisa Forbes from a supposed Frank Ocean video shoot, and the photo of Ocean riding a dirt-bike in the first set of photos has been compared to an image of Ocean skipping rocks in a muddy pit by artist Francisco Soriano, the same artist responsible for the mysterious livestream that’s been on the Boys Don’t Cry website since last week. Rapper Lil B is also pictured in the images, with pieces of an interview between him and Ocean. This encounter was previously confirmed by photographer Nabil, who told Twitter he had been involved in the interview for Ocean’s magazine.

Then there’s the word ‘blonde,’ which appears throughout the leak, which sent Reddit-ers down a serious Frank Ocean spiral. User BlakkAmerica reported that Ocean’s website is hosted by a company called, “Blonde Racing LLC.” An Internet search shows Ocean is somehow associated with the company, and fans have hypothesized a possible brand launch, as well as a Boys Don’t Cry app, due to the layout of the leaked images.


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Since the album has been slated to be released for more than a year now, some, like us at BULLETT, have started to speculate it doesn’t exist at all. And neither does Frank Ocean. Other, possibly more patient fans, have established November 2016 as the actual release date. Last month, Ocean’s brother posted an Instagram photo, that has since made its way to the Boys Don’t Cry homepage. The image shows a receipt with all of suspected and past due dates, the only remaining one being November 13, 2016.

Only time will tell if we ever actually get to hear Ocean’s follow-up album. But at this point, I’m not sure it matters if we do. The guy is clearly a marketing genius—the album has been built up to monumental heights, and the Internet just keeps getting more and more excited.



Until then, I guess Snapchat filters and Internet memes will have to do.