February 9, 2014

A man wearing a leopard-print, jockstrap/g-string thingy crashed Prabal Gurung’s show at New York Fashion Week yesterday. The streaker, who also wore a crown, a coat, and red tube socks, galloped onto the runway in front of a typically dour crowd of fashion world types. (According to the New York Times, Anna Wintour refused to give a fuck.) The man, who was eventually dragged off by security, was identified as Ukranian prank journalist Vitaly Sediuk, who has a history of pulling stunts in and around celebrity-populated events, sometimes even using said celebrities as props. For instance:

Here’s the time Sediuk got slapped out by Will Smith for trying to give him a peck at the Men in Black III premiere. (Smith addressed the incident on Letterman.

And here’s the time Sediuk crashed the Grammy stage before an Adele acceptance speech:

Here he is grovelling at the feet to Archduke DiCaprio at the Santa Barbara Film Festival.

WWD spoke to Gurung after the show, and it appears the designer took the whole thing in stride: “”What can you do? Would I have liked it to be seamless? Yes. I hope he got his 15 seconds and I hope he got some pleasure out of it, I really do. And that’s all I can ask for.”

Photo by Richard Drew, AP.

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