February 18, 2013

With recreational marijuana use now legal in Washington, a Seattle television station, KIRO-TV, conducted an experiment to see just what sort of effect being under the influence of the drug has on one’s ability to operate a car. The results? Who cares, because the only thing I learned from this video is that I want 2 part w Addy Norton, a medical marijuana patient who showed up to the test already lifted, and I don’t even smoke w33d. The last time I did, actually, was over the summer when Prometheus came out, and I forgot the joint I was smoking wasn’t a cigarette so I finished the whole thing. I twigged out about ten minutes into the movie (via exploding space horror) and had to go lay in the grass outside for two hours trying to sober up so I could drive home, aka call my lady to come pick me up like a wasted teenager. And that was the first time anyone ever overdosed on a jazz cigarette. Cool story. Anyway, what’s good Addy? (via Uproxx)

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