Musician Sean Nicholas Savage on Obsession, Revenge, and Addiction


Musician Sean Nicholas Savage on Obsession, Revenge, and Addiction


Montreal-based musician Sean Nicholas Savage dealt with the end of his relationship the way any soul-baring singer-songwriter would: he exiled himself to Berlin and wrote an album about it. Other Life (Arbutus), a tender record about two people drifting apart, is the incredibly prolific Savage’s 9th album since 2008, and he’ll be playing songs from that and the rest of his exhaustive catalogue on an upcoming mini-tour (tour dates are below). Savage, who runs in the same circles as fellow Montreal musicians GrimesMac DeMarco, and Doldrums, took some time off his European tour to answer some random questions about being alive.

What is the worst crime you’ve ever committed?
got bored and walked out on ‘analyse that’.

When was the last time you felt guilty and why?
didn’t dance with pretty girl, left without saying goodbye.

What is your favorite section in a book store?
the cd/dvd zone in chapters, next to the starbux.

What do you enjoy more, falling asleep or waking up?
im grateful for both and each is best when quickest.

What’s the strangest thing you’ve ever thought?
i once had an episode where i couldn’t picture a face that wasn’t my own,|
i was in the forest at the time, so had no proof,
but i was pretty sure for a bit, that everyone in the world had the same face,
and i just hadn’t been able to perceive it before.

What’s the darkest song ever written?
the phantom of the opera

Who are you obsessed with?
demis roussos

What’s one thing you can’t get rid of?
my very colorful palette for addiction

Where’s the best place to see the sun rise?
next to the ocean or sea of course, i’ve written about it many times,
im a musician, i write songs, u curious about that?

What’s the most destructive thing on the internet?

What’s the most thrilling thing that’s happened to music in the last 5 years?
i think as communication becomes easier between the people of the planet,
the at first seemingly small world, is going to blossom and we’ll all come to see how much life there is in the billions.

Describe the most satisfying revenge you’ve ever had.
revenge is never satisfying, everyone knows that.
it’s a losers game and i don’t play.

You have one chance to make me laugh with a YouTube clip.  Which one is it?

What is the one emoticon you can’t live without?
i don’t spend that much time chatting online.

What do you eat when you’re sad?
i smoke when im sad, and when i’m mad, which is more common.
i eat my favorite food when im’m happy,
which varies from week to week depending on where i am.

Would you like to take this opportunity to apologize to someone?
if i start rolling down that road now, i’ll never come back.
sorry everybody, don’t worry, i’ll get whats coming to me.

What’s the most relaxing sound you’ve ever heard?
suzanne ciani

Sean Nicholas Savage’s upcoming tour dates:

12/4/2013 Brooklyn, NY – Death By Audio
12/6/2013 Middletown, CT – Eclectic Society
12/7/2013 Montreal, QC – Casa del Popolo
12/9/2013 Toronto, ON – Double Double Land
12/10/2013 Detroit, MI – PJ’s Lager House 
12/11/2013 Chicago, IL – The Burlington Bar
12/13/2013 Calgary, AB – The Republik
12/14/2013 Edmonton, AB – The Artery