Scene Report: 22 Must Hear Bands From Boston


Scene Report: 22 Must Hear Bands From Boston

Streight Angular.
Mean Creek

I’d like to be able to tell you about all the cool underground bands from whatever shitty city it is that you live in, but I can’t because 1) I don’t care, and 2) I already live in the best musical city in the country and this is what I know. That said, stay tuned for forthcoming lists of the best bands in other places, maybe, if we get around to it.

Hello there and welcome to Boston, or as we might say it in Boston, “fuck you.” You may be somewhat familiar with our city from our really-good-at-almost-winning-championships-but-not-quite-sports-teams, our army of ruggedly insufferable blue collar film dandies, or the biggest nerds from your hometowns who all go to school “near here.” Music fans will of course be familiar with our success stories, like Amanda Palmer, Soul Clap, and Passion Pit, and every other important indie band in the nineties that the kids these days are trying to sound like. But there’s a lot more to the city, like all the homespun, folksy racism. The truth is we really do have an insane wealth of musical talent here, partly from the onslaught of college kids too special to get real jobs after they graduate, and partly because many of us feel a community service obligation to atone for the elderly nutsack stain of Steven Tyler’s cumulative resume. Here are ten bands, some brand new, some longer in the tooth, that you’ll want to check out from the big Bean, as no one calls it.


Sounds like: Psychedelic flute-led jams that play out like the soundtrack to your dad spitting science at bitches back in the day.

Makes you want to: Roll down a grassy hill, keep rolling forever; erase that above image from your mind. Hear more.


Viva Viva

Sounds like: Strangling a man to death with a guitar string in a swamp.

Makes you want to: See above. Hear more.


Young London

Sounds like: Electro-synth hooks so over the top catchy you hate yourself for loving it.

Makes you want to: Get a popsmear. Hear more.


You Can Be a Wesley

Sounds like: Intricately looping guitar indie with hooks to burn that harkens back to the glory days of Boston college rock.

Makes you want to: Fall in love at a shitty basement party. Hear more.


GL▲SS †33†H

Sounds like: Haunted house synths as grindy as a club kid’s jaw and twitchy like a heart murmur, but, you know, the good kind.

Makes you want to: Fall into a pit of centipedes, blast on through to the mirror dimension. Hear more.


Fat Creeps

Sounds like: Courtney Lovecraftian surf rock crush-wave.

Makes you want to: Draw <3s on your notebook/finish bottle of whiskey. Hear more.


Moe Pope

Sounds like: Throw-back backpacker shit, but indie enough to rhyme over Depeche Mode beats.

Makes you want to: Crate-dig, stroke-chin, wear better sneakers. Hear more.


Dirty Dishes

Sounds like: Grunge-era art rock that straddles the line between feedback freakouts and gently hushed vocal ennui.

Makes you want to: Fall hard out of love right onto your fucking face. Hear more.



Sounds like: Sax solos and disco beats, sleeveless vests and crusty white flakes in your mustache.

Makes you want to: Dance, do coke, dance on coke. Hear more.


M. Constant

Sounds like: Chopped-up instrumental glitch hop for tripping out and/or “tripping” out.

Makes you want to: Learn how to use Ableton. Hear more.


Infinity Girl

Sounds like: Surfing down Mass. Ave on a tidal wave of feedback.

Makes you want to: Destroy your hearing in front of a huge stack of amps. Hear more.


Streight Angular 

Sounds like: Screamy neon beards.

Makes you want to: Work on yr ‘projects.’ Hear more.


Mean Creek

Sounds like: Throw-back indie guitar anthems for rock purists

Makes you want to: Levitate off the ground, dig out your old flannel, ‘sing yr <3 out.’ Hear more.


Orca Orca

Sounds like: Lo-fi tape-wave post-punk chill out

Makes you want to: learn how to surf/take better photos of the beach. Hear more.



Sounds like: Heady trap shit from a five piece collective of producers.

Makes you want to: Draw the curtains and hole up for a spell till the heat dies down. Hear more.

Pretty and Nice

Sounds like: Exuberant, danceable indie pop, #6tz

Makes you want to: Be skinnier, run down the street being chased by an army of girls. Hear more.



Sounds like: Reverb-laden guitar noir.

Makes you want to: Die in a ditch with a smile on your face. Hear more.


You Won’t

Sounds like: Stripped down lo-fi skewed guitar anthems for weirdos.

Makes you want to: Read more books. Hear more.



Sounds like: Earth-moving riffage, scorched vocal chords, sweaty bros.

Makes you want to: Punch some motherfucker in his stupid mouth. Hear more.


Speedy Ortiz

Sounds like: The 9tzzz

Makes you want to: Be young again 🙁 Hear more.


Earthquake Party!

Sounds like: J&MC-core co-ed dirty noise pop shoe gaze.

Makes you want to: Cut a hole in the neck of a striped sweater. Hear more.



Sounds like: Modern rock radio for non-douchebags.

Makes you want to: Hear better music on the radio. Hear more.