December 10, 2012

You know where this one is going. For the soundtrack to HBO’s Girls, Santigold wrote a song called “Girls,” which is about, of course, Kantian realpolitik in adaptive NFL legislation. (jk, it’s about girls. Silly!) It’s on a Fueled by Ramen-released album that also includes contributions from Robyn (who’s already shown up on the show), Fleet Foxes, Icona Pop, Belle & Sebastian, and plenty of other artists you’d expect the Brooklyn-dwelling Lena Dunham and all her pals to blast as they navigate the ennui of their overeducated, underemployed 20-something lives. The lyrics of Santigold’s contribution aren’t so quickly decipherable to these virginal Monday morning ears, but it’s packed with rhythms undulating enough to score any late-night deep sojourn into Bushwick, and a chorus that announces the only thing you need to know about the song and what it’s about. Plus, more Santigold is never a bad thing. The second season of Girls premieres on January 13, just in time for a new wave of think pieces.

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