January 10, 2013

It’s probably just a coincidence that this new track from Sweden’s beguiling Sally Shapiro called “Starman” popped up the same week as the new Bowie song, but, well, there’s no continuation of that thought, it’s definitely a coincidence. Remember that one song “Starman” though? That was a great song. Much better than the new Bowie one and this song combined, but you could say that about most of the songs ever written really so don’t take it personal, new song.

For the track the Swedish duo enlisted the production and writing aid of Electric Youth, who’re probably just got done tissue-ing all the blog jizz off their tits over their work on the Drive soundtrack last year. I’m having a hard time picturing Big Baby Goose kicking anyone’s fucking face in to this bubbling Italo-disco, but I once saw a monkey with a hat on so I know anything is possible. Anyway, good job everyone, whatever you did. I’m sure it was good.

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