February 1, 2013
via ryanseacrest.com
via ryanseacrest.com

Hey, come here. Sit down. Are you sitting down? No, anywhere is fine. Why don’t you just come over and sit down, your father and I want to talk to you about something. Here’s the truth, and it’s a sad fact of life you’re going to learn at one point or another, so you might as well hear it from us. You know the person you care about more than anything else in the world? More than your car, yes, haha, and your Twitter followers.  One day that person might — no, not might, will –  wake up and decide they don’t love you anymore, and there’s nothing that you, or Jewel, or Kelly Clarkson, or a kind-hearted but mournful cello player in Jewel’s band with his or her own stuff going on, or anyone else in the world, can do about it. Not a damned thing. It’s just gonna happen. We didn’t make the rules, although sometimes we wish we did, haha, because we probably wouldn’t have included that one regarding the life-destroying heartbreak, were it us, we’re saying, but there it is.

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