Rose McGowan Calls For an End to Donald Trump Media Coverage


Rose McGowan Calls For an End to Donald Trump Media Coverage


Rose McGowan has proven to be incredibly outspoken, and with good reason: Earlier this summer, she penned an essay confronting journalist Owen Glieberman for criticizing Renee Zellweger’s face. Now, she’s calling out Donald Trump and the media outlets that cover him.

In an open letter, the Doom Generation actress calls Trump a “murderer in the making,” and accuses the media of poisoning the public for their promotion of the presidential candidate’s vitriol.

“We, the public, are being sickened by an ever expanding assault on our right to live a healthy and free life,” she writes. “Donald & you ratings driven colluders, are holding us the public hostage and exposing us to disease. A massive DISease.”

McGowan continues by listing the nation’s collective symptoms—”knots in our shoulders, sick feelings in the pit of our vaginas, stomach tightness, shortness of breath, wildly elevated stress levels”—blaming Trump for spewing what she refers to as “terror cancer,” and outlets such as CNN, FOX, NBC and ABC, as well as Viacom and the Murdochs, for giving him a platform by broadcasting it.

“You are causing a worldwide sickness. You are POISONING us as sure as Flint is poisoning its citizens,” she argues. “[…] It is NOT most of America who should be ashamed, it is YOU for propagating this propaganda.”

She closes by challenging the media, asking them to put an end to the Trump family circus:

“We, the public, need for you to look for your humanity. We, the public, need you to think differently and to do better. Think different. Do better. It’s that easy to be a better person and to do the right thing no matter the cost. The time is now.

Stop poisoning humanity. Go rogue, reverse course, be BRAVE. He is a murderer in the making. Do NOT AID AND ABET A CRIME.





It is time to RISE and say NO MORE.”

Rose McGowan for President? At this point, anything could happen.