February 27, 2014

Rolling Stone has put together a Nirvana collector’s issue, as Rolling Stone does, and in honor of that they’ve put together a handy ranking of all 102 Nirvana songs ever released, from the b-sides and castoffs, to the hits, covers, bootlegs, and even the Paul McCartney collaboration from last year. And by handy I mean ridiculously unwieldy, because it’s laid out in a 102 page slideshow that no one but the most hopeless dork is going to scroll all the way through. Fortunately, at least one such dork exists, who forged ahead all the way to the end to find out the top 10: 10. “Where Did You Sleep Last Night” 9. “Drain You” 8. “About a Girl” 7. “Lithium” 6. “Dive” 5. “Something In The Way” 4. “Breed” 3. “Sliver” 2. “In Bloom” 1. “Smells Like Teen Spirit” Eh… The user interface of the page isn’t the only thing they got wrong. Here is the corrected list of the best Nirvana songs ever, in order from first to last. Good day.


And the rest:

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