March 5, 2013

One look that we can all agree is horrible is the sagging-ass jeans, boxers-up-to-your-tits combo. What if—and this is where things get a little crazy, so stick with me—what if those boxers were an entire other pair of jeans? That would not only increase the ridiculousness quotient, but also make it really hard to walk around in, which are the two pillars of forward-thinking fashion. Rihanna, never one to let common sense ever hold her back from anything, posed with a pair of jeans from her Rihanna for River Island Collection at a Fashion Week yesterday. (via) The difference here is, it’s not two pairs of jeans, it’s just one, extra-stupid looking pair! That way you get to have all the attention that a normal idiot might get, without any of the 200% more double-denim ass chafing. Let’s all don’t go buy these now.

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