November 30, 2012

Jamie Foxx is a man of dozens, possibly hundreds of talents. Apart from being an Academy Award-winning actor, stand-up comedian, hook singer, and living proof on the benefits of wearing a suit, he’s also capable of manning the producer’s booth, which he did for Rick Ross’s “100 Black Coffins.” It only makes sense, though: The song is for the upcoming Django Unchained, the Quentin Tarantino-directed slavery-exploring epic in which Foxx stars as the titular Django. (The D is silent, in case you forgot.) While Ross goes in and drops a lot of references to said Django, Foxx slips in to add some Morriconean whistling to the beat, which comes correct with the trap-style snares that’ve become de rigeur for every producer in the last year or so. That Foxx, so versatile and quick to learn. The movie is out on Christmas, which is totally appropriate.

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