British Artist Richie Culver On His Punky New Collaboration With Topman


British Artist Richie Culver On His Punky New Collaboration With Topman


Topman just launched its collaboration with Richie Culver, which means the renowned British artist’s photographs and scrawly handwritten words deck basic sweatshirts, t-shirts and hats, giving them a nonchalant attitude that embodies a certain genre of London youth. A couple of the pieces are emblazoned with the tag, “British Rogue,” which does a nice job of summing up the entire collection: punky, young, rebellious in spirit, yet still dapper. Some of the art featured includes a photograph of Barbie’s dangling stems, a scribbled drawing of the devil, a kid flipping you off, and a Picasso-like take on Frank Sinatra. We got in touch with Culver to ask about his inspiration, and you can check out the dreamy video, directed by Tom Beard, for his collection below.

Did you ever think you would see your artwork being worn on people that you’ll see on the street?
When I created the artwork I didn’t create it with that intention.Therefore, to have people wearing my photos and enjoying the work is great.

What made you choose sweatshirts and t-shirts to showcase your collection on? 
I chose these areas as this is what I prefer to wear myself, things you can just throw on. I don’t think a tailored collection would have gone down too well! But then again, you never know?!

What does British Rogue mean to you? 
A British Rogue is someone who gets by, may cut some corners but in general they get by and enjoy life.

A lot of your artwork featured in the collection represents coming of age. What makes you so connected to that time of your life?
Just memories, good and bad. The older you get, the bad memories start to seem not that bad. I feel like I’m still coming of age and as an artist I’m still very young. I guess it is one of the plus points of this profession, you don’t really have to grow up that much.

The film is very carefree and full of lust. How does its story and dreamy visuals relate to your collection? 
It’s pretty much a reflection of me and every morning of my life from the age of 17 until my mid-20s .

What happens after the end of the video? 
That’s one for the viewer.

What sort of things inspire you the most?
People that really do not give a shit.

How would you describe your own style?
Pretty scruffy, I wear what I can get my hands on in the morning first usually.

What piece out of the collection do you think you’ll be rocking the most often?
The white cap and all of the t-shirts .

I imagine lots of women will want to wear these pieces as well as men. Do you think your collection could work for both sexes?
Most definitely yes. From the reaction so far anyway.

Do you see yourself doing more fashion-related work in the future?
Who knows! It’s hard to say, but this collab has been a long time in the making, so it’s most definitely back to concentrating on my next show now.

Who is your style icon?
Miles Davis.

What is one thing you always wear?
My Karl Kani cap.