Revisiting Marissa Cooper’s Finest Moments


Revisiting Marissa Cooper’s Finest Moments


I’ve been patiently waiting for Mischa Barton to stage a comeback ever since Marissa Cooper died in Ryan’s arms a decade ago, but alas, all she’s given us is a handful of unwatchable indie flicks and a phony British accent. Rather than return in a blaze of glory, the actress, now 30, has opted to join next season of Dancing With the Stars. Whatever, I’ll take it.

And while it’s not the Mischa Barton comeback of our dreams, it is a fine enough excuse to revisit some of Marissa Cooper’s most memorable moments. Sorry Mischa, you will always be Marissa Cooper to me.

That time she wore Chanel to prom.


Prom dresses are supposed to be awkward and unflattering, but not when you’re Marissa Cooper. When you’re Marissa Cooper you wear Chanel. Her best accessory? That bad boy hottie Volchok.

That time she overdosed in Tijuana.


Classic Marissa.

That time she shot Ryan’s brother.


Lol, Marissa you crazy.

That time she went bonkers and threw a pool chair.

We all have to hurl some pool furniture sometime.

That time she was a lesbian for a few episodes.

What’s a classic teen drama series without a poorly flushed out lesbian arc?! A+ for Olivia Wilde.

Her “troubled” phase.


Sometimes the hottest girl in high school just has to smoke a ton of weed and sleep with a hot deadbeat, okay?

And finally, that time she did this. 

God bless you, Marissa.