Real Quick: A Q+A with Bent Shapes About Their Super Kewt New Video


Real Quick: A Q+A with Bent Shapes About Their Super Kewt New Video


I have a hard enough time drinking a beer, eating a banana, shaving, and lighting a smoke with my own dumb giant meat hooks, so you can imagine how hard it would be to do all those things with someone else’s. That’s the game in the new video for “Panel of Experts,” from Boston’s Bent Shapes, who I wouldn’t resort to calling jangly indie pop unless I was in a rush. I hopped on the chat screen with the band’s Ben Potrykus to talk about the video, Justin Timberlake, dying in a Russian snow orb, and eating shaving cream. Check out more from the band here.

OK, this is going to be super half-assed on my end, but you still have to give good answers.
I’ll do my best. “How does banana + shaving cream taste?”, “Where did you film it?”

Sure, let’s start with those two.
I don’t have great answers for either but banana and shaving cream tastes way worse than you’d imagine, and beer doesn’t help in washing it down. Anyway, my point is that shaving cream might look the same as ReddiWhip, but it’s a very poor substitute.

What was the hardest thing to do with someone else’s hands? Were you able to actually play guitar that way at all?
Theoretically, it could have “worked,” but none of us know each other’s parts, so no. The hardest thing was probably lighting the cigarette/one-hitter. We were never actually successful, although we came close.

Do you feel kind of ripped off that your video came out on the same day as the Justin Timberlake and Destiny’s Child news?
We actually coordinated it with both of their agents, but due to unforeseen, last-minute legal entanglements, we had to remove both parties’ appearances in the video.

Did you ever consider a treatment where you guys got inside a giant inflatable ball in Russia and rolled down a mountain and died on camera?
Yes, but we couldn’t afford the plane tickets, and we figured the Flaming Lips were probably already on it.

You know I’m going to have to make some sort of jerk off reference to what you sound like in the intro here, what bands are you most and least likely to be annoyed by my mentioning?
Uh, well, we don’t really sound like our influences, so it’s hard to say. This song is mostly indie pop, though I’m trying to do a Loud Reed Lite thing on the vocals at times. I like Yummy Fur, early Talking Heads, etc. for catchy, poppy stuff. I dunno, that’s the hardest question so far.

Sorry to get “Real” for a minute there. So have you considered maybe letting [bassplayer] Supriya be the star of the next video? Feel like that could do wonders for the creepy music writer demo.
Is she not the star of this video?

In a certain sense, I suppose you are right.
😀 Make sure you get that emoticon in there.

Alright, well I suppose that’s enough to crank out a bullshit blog post.
Haha, you are good at this.

Any suggestions for a title? I’m bad at those.Uhhhh. Some pun/reference to the title “Panel of Experts” with like judges scores or a two thumbs up or some shit? That is, if you are praising it. You could always go the other way



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