June 14, 2012

If you’ve finally gotten the sound of Lou Reed shouting “I am the table!” from last year’s collaboration with Metallica, Lulu, out of your head, then maybe you’re ready for another dose of idiosyncracy from the artist. Today, the Poetry Foundation released a poem by Lou Reed that appears in the June issue of Poetry Magazine. “O Delmore how I miss you” is about the writer Delmore Schwartz, who taught Reed when he was a student at Syracuse University (apparently dude gets so many tributes on his Wikipedia page, it’s like the Hunger Games up in here). The poem is surprisingly touching– it delves into Schwartz’s stalled potential and Reed’s own literary ambition– especially coming from Reed’s often abrasive personality. Of course, it shouldn’t be surprising at all that someone who writes lyrics like Lou Reed has had strong feelings about a creative writing teacher.

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