September 10, 2012

Remember not too long ago, when everyone from Banana Republic to the designers of McDonald’s uniforms were angling to cop Mad Men‘s look? It turns out that retailers love the intersection of critical acclaim and period-specific dress wherever they can find it; Ralph Lauren has never in its history had a TV sponsorship before, and that will change this fall when they start running ads on PBS’ Masterpiece series. According to The Hollywood Reporter, on Sept. 30 they’ll start running ads during Upstairs Downstairs (which I’m given to understand is basically Downton Abbey-lite), and then the retailer will create specific ads for different series, including Downton Abbey.

If you’re wondering why the capital M mainstay of American apparel (no Charney) is sponsoring an extremely British TV show, you probably didn’t see Ralph Lauren’s latest collection; it’s all English countryside inspired, for anyone who dreams of going hunting or marrying their cousin or never having a job. It doesn’t look like there’s anything for those of us who want to dress like the folks downstairs though, which is a shame; Mr. Carson always looks so slick.

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