Designer Rachel Antonoff Takes Our Color-Friendly NYFW Quiz


Designer Rachel Antonoff Takes Our Color-Friendly NYFW Quiz


Rachel Antonoff is really, really charming. Not in any sort of saccharine or overly ripe way, but by happily marrying the adorable accessibility of her designs to the weird and quirky (and her slight frame, quick smile, and genuine friendliness easily add to her sweetness). Her label is utterly wearable, but by those girls who would prefer cheeky to sleek. Noted for having some of the most pleasant presentations this side of September, her offering this season imagined a gothic, Wednesday Adams’-esque environment, but with the backdrop rendered out of hand-drawn cut outs. Her Peter Pan collars and wildly successful Bass Loves Rachel Antonoff collab shoes were present, but so were dark eyes and tousled pigtail braids. The simple 2-D black and white environment allowed her polka dots and vintage-y fabrics stand out, while highlighting the colorblocked flats and her collaboration with hat-maker Albertus Swanepoel. Of course, adding to her total charm was her willingness to talk about being sweetly spooky…and her love of The Body Shop.

Are you wearing your Bass shoes?

Yes I am!

Do you like tassels? Why?

I do like tassels! I think they go well with tap-dancing.

What is the color that you hate?

Brown. I don’t know if that’s true…but maybe it is.

What was your favorite scent in high school?

Oh…geez. It was like one of the ones from The Body Shop. Like, all of them from The Body Shop. If you say one of the names, I’ll probably die of nostalgia.

What is more important to you: a really good manicure or a really good pedicure?

A really good manicure, cuz I have a really bad pedicure.

(Looking at her nails, each painted a different berry color) Oh! This is great! Did you do it yourself?

No, I actually had it done! I’ve been doing it lately, and then I do one color on the feet. I’ll pick one from the bunch.

What did you do the day after your presentation?

I cleaned up in my office…and then I watched a lot of TV.

What is your favorite pair of pants?

I so seldom wear pants. Wait, favorite as in most comfortable or favorite as in looks good? I guess my striped leggings from American Apparel.

Can you describe your most recent collection in exactly three unrelated words?

Silly. Spooky. Spring!