December 4, 2012

Trying to think of something that could make a run of the mill Twitter fight any nerdier than it already is, and all I could really come up with was when it’s between a music editor and a scorned band. Thanks to the internet, we got to see just that play out this afternoon when Grizzly Bear’s Edward Droste took umbrage at Buzzfeed’s Matt Perpetua characterizing the “urban pastoral” indie rockers as the Frasier of Rock Music.

Grizzly Bear, Buzzfeed wrote, “are a band from Brooklyn who have attained a great level of commercial success despite being almost impossibly prim and effete.” Not sure what counts as commercial success anymore, but ok, this is your half-baked premise dude. “Their music is as melancholy as it is technically accomplished, and their albums are like the rock equivalent of reading The New Yorker in a cashmere sweater while sipping a latte and feeling a vague sense of ennui.”

Aside from that being a shitty analogy, not sure what there really is to get too upset about there. I’m not a precious musician or an entry-level bong rip grade blog gimmick aggregator, however, so maybe I’m missing something.

What follows is as embarrassing to read as it must have been to take part in. Droste calls Perpetua rude for the post, who then tries to explain how he meant it as a compliment. Droste seems to think it’s about him being gay, which is a obviously a pretty immature and childish thing to call someone as an insult, so he takes the high road and calls Perpetua fat, posting an unflattering photo of the writer.

So who wins? Well, you can’t really argue with “you’re fat” in terms of air tight logic, can you? But on the other hand, according to internet law, whoever cares harder first loses, so minus points for the musician here. Droste Perpetua doesn’t do himself any favors by trying to walk back his joke however. Then the whole thing gets worse from there with other music writers chiming in and who cares this is all ridiculous I gotta go.

Oh wait, I just thought of something more embarrassing than a Twitter fight: writing a blog post about one.

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