November 16, 2012

Yesterday I was very excited about Hello There, Racists! a Tumblr dedicated to outing and shaming people who say horrendously racist shit on their social media, but that’s only the icing on the beautifully complex layer cake of obtuseness, offensiveness, and awe-inspiring lack of self-awareness at work in the minds of the nation’s near-illiterate, hate-fueled, racist, spoiled, obliviously lazy cretins. This like-minded Tumblr, Public Shaming, takes the concept of outing assholes to the next level, by juxtaposing the worst sort of political hate with evidence of these losers’ own sad lives. It’s truly a thing of beauty, and unlike most Tumblrs, seems like it actually took some work to put together.¬† Tell your lazy assistant to hold all your calls for the next hour, because it’s time to get to work. If the internet stopped tomorrow we can all die happy having read this.

Wait though, aren’t most of these people just simple, misguided children, likely influenced by their horrible parents? Yes, but fuck those racist kids.

A few of my favorites below. Check out the rest here.

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