Premiere: Watch Eureka Birds’ Brilliantly Animated ‘Fastest’ Video


Premiere: Watch Eureka Birds’ Brilliantly Animated ‘Fastest’ Video


It’s not every video we get to see a couple of strong women in leotards, a Mexican wrestler, a tattooed sailor, a fireman, and an astronaut in a foot race, but that’s just one of the many flights of fancy on display in this exquisitely animated video for Eureka Birds’ “Fastest.” That’s before we get to the rocket flight to Mars.

The video, the first from the Baltimore band, was produced by Brooklyn’s dreambear production company, with a story by Matthew Yarrington and animation by Daniel Cordero.

“We’re really excited to put something visual to our music,” Eureka Birds told us in an email. “We always felt like animation was a good fit for our sound and we knew dreambear had a track record there. The artist they found just happened to be the perfect match. Daniel and Matthew really got what we were going for with ‘Fastest’ and brought it to life. Everything from the character design to the color palette just felt right. It was one of those rare, true collaborative processes.”

“The story Matthew set forth, and the concept of characters racing against themselves that Daniel took to the next level, is quite powerful,” dreambear added. “We wanted as much of an emotional undertone as possible with such a driving song… There are many ways, both literally and metaphorically, to find success. We don’t need the approval of others to know that we are winning. The capacity of personal triumph and a feeling of success without external influence reigns supreme in the video.”

Maybe the video isn’t quite as fanciful as I thought. Some of the characters are based off true stories, Cordero says.

“I love history, and I once read about how in the early 60’s there was a real Space Program in Zambia, Africa, that intended to take 10 humans and 10 cats to Mars (man hadn’t gone to the moon yet). I saw a few photographs of the astronauts and it just looked fantastic and amazingly exotic. So I thought it would be a good idea to take this story and give it some visualization for the music video.”

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Eureka Birds – Fastest (Official Music Video) from dreambear on Vimeo.

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