Premiere: Sigrid Zeiner Looks Anything But ‘Uncomfortable’ In Her Stylish, Colorful Video


Premiere: Sigrid Zeiner Looks Anything But ‘Uncomfortable’ In Her Stylish, Colorful Video


“I was inspired by the awkwardness of dating, relating to both my own experiences and stories my friends told me,” Norway/London electro-pop artist Sigrid Zeiner says of her song “Uncomfortable.”

“It was a warm city summer in London and I was in particular need of a personal outlet, I spent a lot of time in my room songwriting.”

While the song is intense, with big, sweeping, dramatic vocal lines from the singer, there’s a playful quirkiness to it as well, she says. “I wanted to push myself to write something without regard to what people would thing of the lyrics or some of my weird production ideas. It’s a very honest song about how I felt at the time. I also wanted to bring out a feeling in people and let them interpret the song in relation to themselves. I just wanted them to have one word in mind: ‘Uncomfortable.'”

For the video, which finds Zeiner amidst a masked party, and on the beach, she turned to director Stein-­Ivar Mollestad.

“Sigrid’s appearance is so delicate and charismatic, that it contrasts her dramatic sound and big voice well,” he says. “The music video is part of portraying this contrast between dramatic and fragile, and harmonizes well with the lyrics.”

“The whole idea behind the video was to stage an uncomfortable dinner party,” she says. “The shooting of the video took place in my granddad’s childhood home in Arendal (the same city the animated film ‘Frozen’ is inspired by -­‐ Arendelle) in April 2014. The house is more than 300 years old, and most of it was shot in the first floor in which my grandmom decorated in eclectic antique style in the 90’s. We wanted the video to be colourful, a bit strange and fun.”

For the stylings, she tapped her friend, designer Mari Nordén from MariNoLoves, who contributed the dress she wears on the beach with LED lights sown into it, as well as clothes from her line ‘Fuck Off I Love You’ and ‘Made In China.’


sig på bord


“I wanted the video to have dancers and extras (both men and women), and I wanted them to wear masks to underline the feeling of being uncomfortable.”

There are more layers to the sense of discomfort as well, she goes on.

“Another important contributor to the video is Katerina Kamprani from Athens, Greece. She has a project called ‘The Uncomfortable Project’ (Which Ashton Kutcher has tweeted about before). The project basically consists of Katerina hand making objects such as cutlery (which we used in the video) and graphically designing objects, which would make anyone uncomfortable. The objects are things we use daily but which just cannot be used. Such as spoons with holes in them, or a forks unable to pick up food. A few weeks before I was trying to figure out a way of making the cutlery but wanted to ask Katerina for her approval as it was her idea. She suggested sending me the original pieces and they arrived just in time for the shoot. I am forever thankful for that.”