Premiere: Rena Revives ’90s Punk with Foxy ‘Symptom Of Youth’ Video (Watch)


Premiere: Rena Revives ’90s Punk with Foxy ‘Symptom Of Youth’ Video (Watch)


Photography: José Manuel Girona

Plowing into contemporary music with a sound that hasn’t largely been touched since Bikini Kill in the ’90s, Brooklyn newcomer Rena riots with an unapologetically femme, punk edge on her debut Rude Chick EP, out May 6. The six-track project is loaded with bratty pop lyrics and grizzly guitar-driven production, as the Philly-bred artist wails about her “rude chick mentality” on the EP title track.

With “Symptom Of Youth,” Rena’s thrashing lead single, she works through campy, party girl lists: “Vodka, whiskey, fucked up, beauty queen, dancing like I’m in the zone, find a boy to take me home.” The video, directed by Caroline Addie Symons, offers an extension of this tenacious nostalgia with a house party, where Rena’s guests all make out and eat pizza—the essentials.

“Caroline, the director, came to me with the idea for the video,” Rena said. “We wanted to do something appropriately angsty for the song, but also poking fun at it. On the surface the song seems like a celebration of these party antics, but really when I wrote it, I was tired of all of it. As a person with social anxiety, working in bars and clubs was very overwhelming and overstimulating. This song is actually about being wildly depressed amidst a crazy party, which is ironic and kind of silly in and of itself.”

Watch the BULLETT premiere of “Symptom Of Youth,” below:


Rude Chick EP 


1. Rude Chick

2. Symptom Of Youth

3. Take Me Away


5. Nothing Ever Satisfies Me

6. Any Way That It Was Before