Premiere: Meet Promiseland, NYC’s New King of No Wave (Listen)


Premiere: Meet Promiseland, NYC’s New King of No Wave (Listen)


Photography: Becca Crawford

There’s nothing worse than going back to work after a holiday weekend. But we’ve got something that’ll make everything okay—or at least, distract you for a few minutes. Gearing up to release their debut EP on Julian Casablancas’ Cult Records, New York-based Promiseland mixes industrial music with a punk rock cool. On their new single, “Take Down The House,” the singer fuses dreamy—albeit, slightly aggressive—vocals with hypnotizing drums, channeling all of our favorite no wave records, with a techno twist. Part Bauhaus, part New Order, the track is a cutting rainy day anthem, perfect for anyone pissed at work. It’s also super addicting.

Listen to the BULLETT premiere of “Take Down The House” and read our interview with the artist, below.

Tell me about “Take Down The House.”

It’s one of the more energetic singles and really encapsulates the live show. To me, the energy of our live show is the most important part—I just want it to be something totally different and completely new. “Take Down The House” is one of my favorite songs to play live because the vocals are very punk sounding and it has a strong bass line, with a little bit of industrial, and people just get so into it when they’re in the space and it’s really loud.

What inspired it?

I like mantras and I’m not afraid to repeat things, and with some of the other tracks that will come out, people will notice similar lyrical structures—in “Take Down the House,” break through the pieces, just trying to live. When I play it, I just put all of my energy into it and I’m ready to “take down the house” in my own way and express my feelings of aggression.

How would you describe your sound?

It changes a little bit in terms of recording—there are some things I play specifically live because they’re faster and more intense. But for the show, I usually play about 20 minutes—I like to keep it nice and short and punchy, and try to create a real party if I can. But it’s pretty punk, and some of the influence is quite dub-by. A lot of the music I hear today, has a lot of vocals sitting in the back of the music and it’s not as prominent a thing. For me, it’s really important for people to hear my voice. It’s not like my music is hip-hop or anything, but I like the separation and I like for my vocals to be really at the front and center of the track—their own thing, so that they’re powerful and the lyrics become more powerful.

How does the single reflect the rest of the album?

There are some slower tempo songs on the record, and the drums have a similar structure and sound throughout the whole thing. “Take Down The House” is definitely the most poppy, dance-y song on the album. But the most important thing is that people will know it’s a Promiseland song when they hear it. The vocals and the drums really take you on a ride that shows what the journey of the record will be.

What do you want people to take away from your music?

However I put out music—digitally or visually online, in regards to music videos—it’s super important that it always reflects the energy of the live performance. It doesn’t even matter if there’s 3 or 100 or 1,000 people at a show—the energy is still the same and I am always making sure that it’s honest, intense, aggressive and fun.

Catch Promiseland on tour this fall with Julian Casablancas.

9/19  Niagara – New York, New York

10/8  Antigua Casa Estrella – Barranquilla, Colombia

10/12 Armando Records- Bogota, Colombia

10/14 Teatro La Cupula – Santiago, Chile

10/18 Cine Joia – Sao Paulo, Brazil

10/19 Sacadura 154- Rio, Brazil

10/21 Teatro Vorterix – Buenos Aires, Argentina

10/22 Plaza la Musica – Cordoba, Argentina

10/25 La Trastienda – Montevideo, Uruguay