Premiere: Hunterchild’s Brooding Electronic R&B Gets a Longform Video Trilogy


Premiere: Hunterchild’s Brooding Electronic R&B Gets a Longform Video Trilogy


“As a visual songwriter I wanted to write a story between the visuals and the lyric. That’s where things become really interesting for me and its also where I really like to be as a viewer,” explains Luke Aaron Jones, one half of the electronic r&b duo Hunterchild (with Marty Sprowles.) For their latest project the group have released a long form music video that threads the stories of three separate songs from their self-titled Temporary Residence LP with transitionally-connective narrative tissue.

“I like a sense of wonder and space for a personal interpretation in a song and in visual,” he says. “I love the idea of certain themes and symbols existing in multiple videos. Eric who produced and helped direct the videos was able to really help me express the visual stories for each song in an intentional, artistic way. The original idea was for us to work together with him on three videos for three singles. The Trilogy just made sense and was born soon thereafter.”

“The overall look started to form when we were shooting the photos for the album artwork,” the film’s director Eric Ayotte says. “Highly contrasted lights and darks, a duality that runs throughout the videos and their music. “A torn figure that seems to be between two extremes, not fully in one place or another.”

That’s a good way to describe the music as well. The highs of the emotional expressions contrasted with the darkness lurking underneath the romantic longing.

“Luke had a vision for the three videos, and a way to connect them all. We wanted them each to have their own feel, their own color and look, but for them all to make sense when watched together. There is a constant forward motion throughout the videos, which is another parallel to Hunterchild’s music, a heartbeat-like march that pulses through the story.”

There are recurring themes throughout, blood, the manipulation of time and space, the effects of the changes of lights.

“In three parts this Trilogy symbolizes Loss, Reflection and Illumination,” Jones says. “It’s a surreal drama of actual events told through a dream or fading memory. It is a story of the deeper meaning of love: love as an emotion…love as a force…and love as a guide who’s end always justifies its means.”

That connective emotional force persists throughout the rest of Hunterchild’s album, Jeremy DeVine of Temoprary Residence Ltd says.

“Hunterchild’s music is very emotionally complex, and also slightly surreal in some ways. The album’s 11 songs thread together a lyrical narrative about the natural cycle of heartbreak (loss, anger, confusion, solitude) and the inevitable rebuilding of one’s self.”