Premiere: Get Lost (Literally) In The Debut Track By BLVK JVCK, DJ Khaled’s Protégés (Watch)


Premiere: Get Lost (Literally) In The Debut Track By BLVK JVCK, DJ Khaled’s Protégés (Watch)

Photos courtesy of Ivor McCray
Photos courtesy of Ivor McCray

With production credits on hits from Lil’ Wayne to Rihanna, Pitbull to Justin Bieber, hip-hop production wizards “The Runners” are ready to take the spotlight. So allow us to introduce you to BLVK JVCK and their debut track, “Mind Games,” which we’re proud to premiere exclusively on BULLETT. Featuring vocals by Dyo, the track boasts a glitchy intro that gives way to a vibrantly sparse beat. It’s the sort of track you can really get lost in, so it’s fitting that the video features a technicolor hedge maze. We spoke with BLVK JVCK’s Andrew”Dru Brett” Harr and Jermaine “Mayne Zayne” Jackson about doing their own thing and what it’s like to be mentored by a little known producer by the name of DJ Khaled.

“Mind Games” (feat. Dyo) is out today via Big Beat Records.

You two have been working behind the scenes for quite a while now, and have developed some pretty huge tracks for artists like Rihanna, & Justin Bieber. How does it feel to step into the spotlight with your own debut single?

Dru: I’m super fuckin’ amped about this whole project! It’s always amazing working with talented artists, but there is something liberating about composing music that represents us as musicians and artists. We now have the creative freedom to make something that is our own.

How did you connect with Dyo, and decide to feature her as a vocalist on “Mind Games”?

Dru: Initially, we worked with Dyo in Los Angeles on writing tracks to pitch for other artists. We always loved the tone of her voice. We were fans of the song she was featured on,“Sexual,” by Neiked. When we started “Mind Games,” we didn’t know that it was a BLVK JVCK song. We just wanted to write something dope .

Mayne: As the production progressed it started feeling like something new. Not to mention, we made it a year ago and after listening back 7 months later it was still fresh as fuck.

Can you describe your writing & production process for BLVK JVCK tracks?

Mayne: It always starts with a writer in the room. We pull up a dope progression and start writing melodies. Melodies can take anywhere from 30 mins to several days to get right. Once we lock In the melody we focus on the lyrics. We then take the full written song and produce around it until it’s complete.

How did the name originate?

Mayne: I woke up in the middle of the night from a dream with the word “Black” stuck in my head. I got up and looked in the mirror thinking about a creative way to spell it. Ironically, I have “Blaque Mozart” tatted on my chest, but I didn’t want to spell “Black” like that. I called Dru and asked him how he felt about the name “Black” spelled like “BLVK,” and he loved it. We both agreed we needed something added on to it. We bounced ideas off of each other for the rest of the day and came up with BLVK JVCK.

Do you have plans to develop a live show?

Dru: Bigtime! People should be prepared to see high energy. We plan on infusing multiple genres of music into the set.

Can you discuss working with DJ Khaled? How did that come about?

Dru: We started working with Dj Khaled in 2007. We produced the song, “Hustlin,” for Rick Ross and we wanted to find someone to manage us as producers. We took one meeting with him and knew he was the perfect fit. He has the ultimate hustle in his blood. He was like a mentor to me, and I’ll be forever grateful for that. We made a lot of big songs together and it was a amazing.

Mayne: That’s our brother. It was a wonderful experience and he taught us so much. A lot of people don’t understand how he got to where he is, but he never took “no” for an answer. He always showed us that anything is possible.

If you could fill a tour bus with any musicians (alive or not) for a once in a lifetime after party, who would be on this bus & why?

Mayne: You know you gotta have Jimmy Hendrix on there. Future gotta be on there because our shit gotta be rockin. Michael Jackson because I gotta have one convo with Mike. Cardi B has to be on there “talking that shit,” and my lil bro Carnage.

Dru: Kurt Cobain for sure. I’m a huge Nirvana fan and he was a true rock star. Jay-z because I know we would have a inspiring convo over a glass of D’USSE. Chris Martin because I’ve been a fan of Coldplay for years.