Premiere: Denitia & Sene’s EP, ‘Side FX’


Premiere: Denitia & Sene’s EP, ‘Side FX’


Brooklyn duo Denitia & Sene play with a smooth, alluring sonic space—one that marries the fuzzy electro production of Glass Candy and slinky R&B seduction of The Fugees. The two met in 2011 after moving into “The Clubhouse,” a shabby Victorian home for bohemian musicians to use as a commune and collective recording space. There, soul singer Denitia Odigie and rapper/producer Sene worked to hone in on a signature-subdued sound, which manifested into an inventive debut EP, Blah, Blah Blah, and full-length LP, His & Hers.

Now, the pair is unveiling a fresh EP called, Side FX, exclusively via BULLETT. The four-track release revels in pure, minimal production with Denitia’s easy vocals sanguinely flowing throughout. Opening track, “The Fan,” is shaped for a late-night comedown, while the closer, “Because We Are Fools,” probes a more vulnerable headspace. “Why did we fall in love?” the two repeatedly question, over Sene’s syncopated synthesizers that recall a distant era. We asked Denitia & Sene to break down their latest EP, track-by-track:

On “Runnin:”

“This was an end of the night song. You start a new song in the wee hours of morning, save it, wake up, listen to it and love it—then you finish it. Sometimes it doesn’t go that way. You wake up excited about the song from the night before and you listen and hate it—this time it worked out.”

On “Side FX:” 

“A whole lot of smoke in that session—zoned out with an arpeggiator for a good minute, there. The actual recording of this was easy, but it was the song that took the longest for us to complete out of our entire catalogue—lot of sessions going back and changing little things here and there. We’re happy how it turned out.”

On “The Fan:” 

“This was a long time coming for us. We’d already messed with some dancehall sounding stuff before, and after the drums were programmed for this, I was only hearing island inspired melodies. That’s where the bassline came from—this became one of our favorites.”

On “Because We Are Fools:” 

“We call it, ‘Because’—we never really say the whole title when it comes up. This is one of our early jams, but it’s done so well for us in many mediums and to a broad audience. We kind of wanted to dust it off and make it a little brighter, so we had it remixed and remastered. This song is for sure in the ‘favorite’ conversation.”