October 28, 2013

A pretty good rule of thumb for bands everywhere is that if you want people to dance to your song, you better damn well be dancing to it yourself. Victoria Cecilia, the Danish half of the duo Gliss (with Los Angeles’ Martin Klingman) more than lives up to it in their video for “The Sea Tonight.” But, like most of our favorite songs, it’s as adept as dancefloor inspiration as it is emotional contemplation.  The song, and the video, have a sadness percolating beneath the noise-pop bliss of the surface.

“Our director, Dylan Bell, wanted to make a video that is a physical representation of one couple’s voyage through the different stages of a relationship’s decay – numbness, hostility, defensive actions, etc,” Cecilia told us. “The pinnacle of which is the soul’s struggle to leave it’s physical body. It takes both passion and dedication to lead a relationship from those dark intense moments into moments of beauty, light, and love.”

Also some killer dance moves.

Gliss’ deluxe reissue of their album Langsom Dans is out November 19 on Modern Outsider. Listen to more from the group here.

Photo by Filip Orestes.

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