April 29, 2014

On first listen to “All the Way Down”, the unmistakable vocals of Nathan Willett make it seem like we’re in store for new music from Cold War Kids. But the track’s hard-charging tempo, dirty, toothsome bass, and furious energy soon pull things in a different direction. The new group, French Style Furs, finds Willet teaming up with Matt Maust and Nathan Warkentin of We Are Barbarians, for a new LP, Is Exotic Bait, three songs from which you can listen to here today.

“Warkentin, Willett and I spontaneously felt like recording quick ideas for songs early in 2013, and these short recording sessions quickly became what is now French Style Furs,” Maust told us. “After the basic tracks were made, we pieced the songs together with friends throughout 2013 in Brooklyn and in LA.”

Willett is no stranger to the poetic, but in this case that’s a bit more literal. All of the lyrics for the new band are taken from the poetry of Thomas Merton, an early 20th century Trappist monk.

The record was recorded “in the sleepless moments between travel,” Willett said. The result is an inward-looking excursion set to a cracking soundtrack of mystic visions and spiritual awakening.

 Is Exotic Bait is out July 8 on Frenchkiss.


Photo via wowe Photography. 

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