Premiere: Artistnameleon Teams Up with BABYHOUSE on Video for “All Night” & “Flow”


Premiere: Artistnameleon Teams Up with BABYHOUSE on Video for “All Night” & “Flow”


 If you haven’t heard of artistnameleon, you’re about to. The New York artist spits emotional lyrics over smooth ’90s beats, delivering one-of-a-kind bangers he calls “chill rap” meets “new school R&B.” His latest singles, “All Night” and “Flow,” showcase the rapper’s ability to mix effortless rhymes with heavy production—and they’ll never get out of your head. Same goes for the new music video. Teaming up with BULLETT favorites, BABYHOUSE, artistnameleon stars in a Lynchian acid trip, part Red Room, part Poetic Justice. Through dreamy visuals and VHS-style glitches, the artist raps about love, art and heartbreak, proving if real hip-hop’s already dead, artistnameleon will save it.

Watch the BULLETT premiere of “All Night” and “Flow,” and learn more about the artist, below.


Name: Kevin Wright Jr.

Occupation: Singer/Songwriter

Instagram: @artistnameleon

Favorite Song: Outkast, “Elevators

Favorite Band: Nirvana

One Song You Can Never Get Out Of Your Head: Drake, “November 18th

Your Guilty Pleasure Song: Jodeci, “Feenin’

On getting into rap:  I remember riding in the backseat of my dad’s car when I was 7, listening to 2pac, and I just fell in love with it. I actually wrote my first rap 2 years after, for a talent show in third grade.

On “All Night:” “All Night” is about what I went through with my girl, where we were broken up for awhile. I was partying and drinking, and hanging with different women but realized I wasn’t happy and just really wanted to be with her.

On “Flow:” “Flow” was me accepting who I was as an artist and saying “Fuck you” to anyone who doubted me or didn’t believe I could do what I’m doing.