January 24, 2014

It’s hard not to read into the name of Texas band Analog Rebellion a sort of statement of purpose. And the songs, like “We’re Not Talking To AnymoreLawyers,” fulfill the concept, with guitar-driven (crazy), careening, indie-psych-pop. Band principle Daniel Hunter calls it “stadium-lo-fi” which works just as well  – it’s rough around the edges but with the type of hooky sense of excitement that you could imagine it lighting up an arena. The song, premiered here today, is off the  Ill’e Grande LP,  out in February 18 on Dabbo Records.

The song was originally on an album called Cavanaugh, Something, Hunter explained. “It was, and always is, a song I love playing live. With that in mind I wanted to do my best to make it fit in the context of my latest album. I have grown so much as a musician since I wrote that track, and was eager to attack it with a fresh approach. Plus, I really am getting sick of talking to Lawyers. (No offense George).”

Aren’t we all.

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