Our Favorite Things: Pregnant Cravings and Summer Goals


Our Favorite Things: Pregnant Cravings and Summer Goals


This week, the Bullett office atmosphere has been rife with nostalgic rediscovery and pregnant cravings. But then again, when is it not?

Obsessed song:

“Chelsea Light Moving” by Burroughs – Morey Talmor

“Black Wings” by Inc. It hasn’t been released yet, but it was premiered by 4AD at our event last week. I’ve only head it once, but haven’t been able to stop thinking about it. – Ben Barna

It’s a Jack Teagarden marathon week, with “Beale Street Blues” featuring heavily. – Henry Giardina

What we’ve discovered in culture this week:

I’ve seen a couple of great movies about walking this week. I just watched Jonathan Caouette’s Walk Away Renee, a beautifully unsettling documentary about his mother, and the follow-up to Tarnation. And Ry Russo Young’s new one, Nobody Walks, in which Olivia Thirlby is incredible. – Nick Haramis

Dr Seuss’ WWII Cartoons – Morey

I rediscovered The Faculty from 1999 and realized it’s the best thing that happened to 1999. Rewatch it now. You won’t regret it! – Idil Tabanca

Criterion collection is releasing the silent films of Paul Fejos! – Henry

Fiona Apple at the Governors Ball. – James Orlando

I’m excited about Obama’s immigration policy reform. Take that, Mittens. And this article on Jackie O. Read it. – Juliet Le Grand Thompson

Jill Lepore’s article about the Supreme Court in the New Yorker. – Sah D’Simone

I ran into Françoise Mouly’s Blown Covers: New Yorker Covers You Were Never Meant to See while wandering the St. Mark’s Bookshop. Everyone I know should flip through it at least once. – Busra Erkara

What we’ve been craving like a pregnant woman all week:

Clamato juice, which is weird because I hate clams and tomato juice. Wait, maybe I am pregnant? – Nick

A tropical vacation on mind altering substances. – Idil

Air conditioning. – Morey

Ricotta-brocolli fritters. Deep-fried. – Henry

In this weather, it somehow always goes back to beer. – Ben

A large iced green soy latte (New York is one of the few cities you can ask for it without feeling like a total brat). – Busra

Guacamole. – Juliet

Things we’d like to accomplish before July:

I’d like to accomplish June. Like really get through this motherfucker with flying colors. – Nick

Get a hot bod and go to the beach at least twice. And eat at least 35-45 avocados. – Juliet

Start going to yoga 3 days a week — the fact that everyone (including the oldest person in class) can get into the crow pose in a matter of seconds doesn’t help. – Busra

Madonna arms! – Idil

To lose ten pounds. – Sah

The best outfit we’ve seen all week:

I’m going to be a narcissist—but, I’m in love with this Reyn Spooner + Opening Ceremony dress I’ve been rocking for the past two days.- Juliet

I saw a guy in a spacesuit walking around randalls island. That was pretty great. – James

FULL PVC SHOES! Made my feet look ridiculously exposed. – Idil

I channeled Mo from Dykes to Watch Out For in a striped romper this week. – Henry

I’ve been on a movie set all weekend, and the crew uniform of black t-shirt and cargo shorts has really worn on me. – Ben