Portugal Brand K L A R ‘Magnifies the Ordinary’ for Spring ’17


Portugal Brand K L A R ‘Magnifies the Ordinary’ for Spring ’17


Actively responding to the world is something few brands successfully do (or even attempt), but K L A R has been mindfully doing so since it first launched, building a voice in fashion that speaks to the nomadic future. A collaboration between three accomplished creatives, the Portugal-bred team considers ceremonial traditions and ancestral tribes to create contemporary, clean collections. “The designs aim to produce a personal creative universe,” K L A R’s site explains. “One where ideas and shapes transform themselves and involve the body in a conceptual experience.”

For spring ’17, the brand’s present realization of the past and future is clear, with modern, oversized silhouettes created in soft, organic materials. Wrinkled fabric adds texture to outerwear, tops and trousers, some finished with exaggerated hardware. Sleeves are dramatically elongated and pant legs are widened to the point of drowning the model’s frail figure. The letter “K” is applied to tees and tunics, while big painted patches are loosely attached to key pieces. The full lineup altogether feels everyday and familiar—twisted to quite literally magnify the ordinary.

See the full spring ’17 menswear lookbook, above, and learn more about K L A R, below:

Talk me through the origins of your brand.

K L A R started as a practical necessity. It is a combined effort to obtain a mature, educated, self-aware and fully functioning brand that responds to the world, with a clear and instinctive response. K L A R [is about] clarification and openness—something that at the time we felt was lacking about fashion.

What’s your brand ethos?

As a collective, we aim to translate what we consider to be our responsibility towards the present moment and the context we live in. The K L A R ethos is translated through a resilience of opinion within the contemporary landscape that embodies the pride of individuality and the independent of free thinking, which applied to the mind is translated through and from the body. K L A R is developed in and for the present, with a conscience for the future.

How does this collection reflect your brand’s mission?

We always felt drawn towards our social environment and in every collection, we intend to respond to it, exploring urgent issues that we see the need to address. K L A R is our communication platform and each collection conforms a small step towards the construction of a bigger mission that intends to bring awareness towards the unsustainable habits of our society. In consonancy with other designers and creatives, we are critically reflecting over the living system of future generations. We, as K L A R, realized the importance of being politically, socially and culturally conscious. We see as essential to be pro-active about our responsibility towards the place we live and share.

What was this season’s inspiration?

This season is about the value of small things, of the neglected moments of our ordinary routine and utilitarian aspects of daily life. K L A R has enhanced the aesthetics of normality. Common shapes have been enlarged as if you were a teen wearing adult clothes and delicate satins have been crushed as if you just got out of bed. This season is for us the ultimate magnification of the ordinary.

Talk me through the lookbook’s direction.

The concept for the lookbook was developed in accordance to a portrayal of non-staged freshness. The ikea furniture, the kitschy figures, the plastic bags and pots are all part of a quotidian reality we know and recognise. The lookbook was photographed in a flowershop next to our studio, a place we go often, being part of our daily life. It became the perfect setting for what intended to portray.

Fashion, right now, is in such a transformative period. How do you feel your brand is pushing the needle?

As a vegan brand with a sustainable mind, we believe it is essencial to be assertive but above all honest. Within the context of a failed society, it became crucial to generate discussion around issues that concerns our lives and future. Businesses nowadays can stand for something relevant and make it a plus. As so, we wish to gather more support around our cause and generate positive change by giving example to others within the fashion/ consumption field.