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Photography Duo, Melodi & Asher, Are The New Serge & Jane

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Photography Duo, Melodi & Asher, Are The New Serge & Jane


Photographer duo and married couple, Melodi Meadows and Asher Moss are the kind of people everyone wants to be. Scroll through Asher’s Instagram and you’re immediately enamored with the dream world they’ve created. They’re like Keith and Anita, Serge and Jane—madly in love with each other, and creating together.

Asher’s photos are raw, and filled with emotion, capturing Melodi the way only he sees her, pulling us further into their realm. But Melodi is more than a muse, her own photos and visual direction offering a sense of nostalgia and depth that make the couple’s collaborations visceral and pure. Together, Moss and Meadows make art that resurrects a moment.

On a recent trip to the Redwoods, Melodi and Asher photographed each other and their surroundings, crafting an intimate look at themselves and their process. Part Twin Peaks, part wanderlust, the series perfectly expresses what we love about the couple.

Check out their photos, above, and read the couple’s conversation, below:

Melody interviews Asher:

M: Tell me something I might not even know about you.

A:  Everyone thought I sounded like Billy Corgan from Smashing Pumpkins when I was in a high school band.

M: What do you dream of when you are asleep?

A: I recently had a dream I was Indiana Jones flying my own two seater plane on an extraordinary mission to save a friend.

M: What do you want to do that you’ve never done before?

A: I’m finishing my first record, which was a 5 year project, so needless to say I am really excited about it.

M: Are your music and your photography connected?

A: I think so. The music is cinematic and imaginative and unusual, but not terribly complex either.

M: Which art form shaped you the most?

A: Music in my adolescence played an incredibly developmental creative roll in my early years, which led beautifully into photography and film in my later years.

Asher interviews Melody:

A: What do I not know about you?

M: I recorded a song once.

A: About what?

M: Broken trees, I think. I was 14.

A: What do you dream of when you’re awake?

M: Victorian women running nude through the desert — that’s my current day dream.

A: What are you currently working that no one else knows about?

M: A short film and photo story of three redheads. These women are tortured by their silence, and their lack of ability to communicate with their lovers. They’ve each been driven mad by not being able to communicate what they want in a world that puts pressure on them to be a certain way.

A: What are your three greatest passions?

M: The idea. The man. The execution.

A: What are you most excited about in 2017?

M: The possibility of moving to Europe.