Photo Diary: On Tour with Musician Kristin Mueller Throughout Europe


Photo Diary: On Tour with Musician Kristin Mueller Throughout Europe


Given the majestic, minute-plus instrumental that leads into “Heaven Knows” you might be expecting a glacial, expansive number to emerge from the craggy sonics, but before long Kristin Mueller’s vocals come in, and the song coalesces into a much more intimate and pensive journey. The New York City songwriter just got off tour in Europe, and we asked her to share some photos from the trip.

Check out her photos and captions, and listen to the song, premiering here today, below. Header image by Manuel Wagner.


Kristin Mueller tour photo(1)

Schwabisch Halle, GR – beautiful 14th century architecture town.  Incredibly fun and intimate show at Anlage that was the sweetest start of our tour.


Kristin Mueller tour photo(2)

On route to the next show we found ourselves at the foot of the original Eichhorn Harmonica factory tucked away in the tiniest of Swiss Alpine towns. They were selling concertinas at half price.Kristin Mueller tour photo(3)


Driving through the alps on our way to a photo shoot with Adrian Elsner


Kristin Mueller tour photo(4)

Frustuck with Frank our bass player at our home away from home at Im Klee in Bern, CH.

Kristin Mueller tour photo(5)


Another pic of Im Klee in Bern, CH.

Kristin Mueller tour photo(13)

Craft services Swiss style…


Kristin Mueller tour photo(12)

C. Gibbs sound checking at Palace in St.Gallen an amazing venue that holds a heavy history of incredible bands/artists that have shared that stage.

Kristin Mueller tour photo(11)


Pre-show light-show at Bikini Test in La Chaux-de-Fond, CH

Kristin Mueller tour photo(10)

In Zurich there is a club called Helsinki which C. Gibbs and I call home in many ways.  It is one of my most favorite places to play hands down.  In the back of the club there is a small camper that is the green room for artists.  Here is a picture of C. Gibbs prepping for the sold out show in said camper.

Kristin Mueller tour photo(9)


This is the tiniest drum stage set up I have ever experienced at Mata Hari in Nuremburg, GR.  You seriously cannot get any tighter a set up.

Kristin Mueller tour photo(8)

Best butternut squash soup ever at Schloessli, Appenzell, CH

Kristin Mueller tour photo(7)


On our way to one of our favorite places a small gasthaus called Schloessli, in Appenzell, CH.  We stumbled across this couple going for a walk on a country road near Schloessli at dusk.

Kristin Mueller tour photo(6)

Under the city stars in Schauffhausen, CH.  We decided to go for a walk before our show at Cardinal, it was December so all the Christmas decorations were out everywhere we went but this was a standout moment.