Photo Diary: Kid Moxie Takes us from LA to Athens


Photo Diary: Kid Moxie Takes us from LA to Athens


Back in January we were intrigued by the music and the style of the alluring Kid Moxie, whose “Lacuna” track we featured. With a new remix of her “Jacqueline The Ripper” track by Feel Sensor out (check it out below), we asked the Athens via LA artist Elena Charbila to share some photos from her day to day.





“I always head to Joshua Tree to get recharged and deeply relaxed. Mojave Desert is a simply magical place.”


twin peaks sign



“Mandatory selfie in front of where the ‘Twin Peaks’ sign used to stand, in Snoqualmie, Washington.”


on set of lacuna by Malktime Photography



“This was taken during the shoot of my last video for my song ‘Lacuna.’ Filmed just outside of Athens, Greece, in an old factory from the 1800’s, during a typical Athenean heatwave.” (photo by Malktime Photography)

IMG_0781 (1)


“My neighborhood, L.A Arts District, is definitely one of the most exciting and inspiring places in the whole city. I have a feeling this is what Williamsburg probably felt like about ten years ago.”





“This was taken in one of my favourite spots in Downtown L.A, at The Artform Studio: Haircuts & Records. It is owned and run by L.A music producer AdrianYounge and his wife Sherry. I come and get my hair done here and find so many gems, from rare vinyl soundtracks to Michael Bolton cassette tapes.”





“i took this picture a little while ago in the pre-historic era cave of Diros, in southern Greece. Caves like this one are a source of inspiration for me. I always think what music would compliment this kind of environment.”




“Shot in Athens by my friend Freddie F.”