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Photo Diary: Director Charlie McDowell Wins Sundance

Film & TV

Photo Diary: Director Charlie McDowell Wins Sundance


A couple of weeks ago we introduced you to budding filmmaker Charlie McDowell, who was about to premiere his debut feature, The One I Love, at Sundance. Well guess what. That premiere happened, and McDowell’s unusual look at a couple, played by Elisabeth Moss and Mark Duplass, trying to repair their marriage was one of the festival’s most buzzed about movies. The film, which has a crucial, secretive plot twist twenty minutes in, was quickly scooped up by The Weinstein Company, officially anointing McDowell as a director to watch. Here, he shares a few candid moments from the week that changed it all.

After 10 days of Sundance madness I am finally back in my cozy apartment in sunny California.  My trip was a huge success, mainly because I only slipped on ice 4 times (and no concussions!).  I was lucky enough to see about 10 films, premiere my own film, eat lots of french fries, and accidentally touch Alfred Molina’s beard.  I don’t think things could’ve gone any better.  Here are some photos I took with my crack-screened iPhone to document the trip.  Hope you enjoy!


 This is what happens when you and your producer have been at Sundance too long.

CM16 Guys, don’t forget to recycle.


CM15No one is better than Duplass at a Q&A.


CM14The secret is out.



CM9Thank you Nike for the coolest present ever.


CM12People actually coming to see my movie. So weird.


CM7You should see our opponents. 8 year old twins. They barely beat us.


CM6Proud mom and step dad.


CM4A photo shoot gone really weird.


CM2My safe place.


CM1Mother/son awkward photo.


CM24A still from our movie appeared on the big screen before every film that played.


CM23Sulking and throwing stones because I lost my favorite pair of mittens.

CM20Made a new friend on the way to Park City.


CM19The man gets love everywhere he goes.



CM21Justin Lader, me, and Mel Eslyn doing our version of The Brady Bunch.