December 12, 2012

Look, we’ve all been pretty harsh to Courtney Love over the years, whinging about all the myriad ways she’s tarnished our pretty little rock savior’s legacy through horrifying video game avatars, licensing, and general insanity and so forth, but let’s not let Dave Grohl off the hook entirely here, because I’m having a hard time thinking of anything dorkier than reforming Nirvana for the first time in many years and asking Paul McCartney to sing with the band. McCartney will perform as part of the 12-12-12 benefit concert tonight with Grohl, Krist Novoselic, and Pat Smear, everyone is reporting.

McCartney said: “I didn’t really know who they were. They are saying how good it is to be back together. I said: ‘Whoa? You guys haven’t played together for all that time?’

“And somebody whispered to me: ‘That’s Nirvana. You’re Kurt.’ I couldn’t believe it.” (The Sun)

Cobain was famously a huge Beatles fan, as we all are, but something about this just doesn’t sit right. Maybe it’s the part where they got the 90 year old goofball to aw shucks and elbow jive and grin-dance on stage with the last rock band that mattered? Or maybe it’s just a group of old musicians playing old music together for a charity concert and I’m overreacting. Probably that last part.

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