December 18, 2012

“Ugh,” a trillion billion 23-year olds have scoffed since the dawn of time. “New York is so over.” You have heard this, probably, if you pal around with any kind of NYC ex-art kid, but no one has hammered the point harder than Patti Smith, whose mildly fantastic memoir Just Kids served to prove two things: 1) New York City used to be awesome; 2) You missed out on New York City when it was awesome. Stories of run-ins with Lou Reed and Bob Dylan, shacking up at the Chelsea Hotel for $100 a month, all the bohemian sex and art to be found—it sounds like a wonderfully bygone era, one which Smith insists will never be replicated. Sad, very sad. But it won’t ever stop current twentysomethings from doing cocaine and trying to get @-ed by Pictureplane on Twitter.

Anyways, Smith announced that she’s planning a follow-up to Just Kids, which she says will deviate from the previous Robert Mapplethorpe-focused narrative. Speaking to Billboard, she said that the book “is in more of the Just Kids vein and even in the similar time period, but shifts more to family, Fred [Smith, her late husband], music. So it’s a different perspective. Just Kids was very focused on Robert and my relationship with Robert and wanting to be an artist, and the next book will be more, perhaps, music-based.” Fred Smith, you may remember, was the guitarist for legendary Detroit proto-punk band the MC5, so this book should present a lot of good anecdotes and probably another half-dozen to almost make you cry as you sit in that Bushwick coffee shop, lamenting over what will never be.

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