Our Weekly Summer Playlist: Volume Two


Our Weekly Summer Playlist: Volume Two


It’s Friday again! And, as of last week, that means it’s time for another summer-y playlist curated by yours truly. Volume Two is another breeze through genre and era, constructed with all your various weekend recreations in mind. So fire up your Spotify, head HERE to listen, and follow along with a few words on each selection below.

Soko – “People Always Look Better In The Sun (Part 1)”
Funny observation, but Stéphanie Sokolinski aka Soko gets at something slightly heavier here, hiding what appears to be a damaged soul behind some lens-flared dream-folk and a sunny disposition. The French actress/singer’s debut LP I Thought I Was An Alien mismatches this cute and sad thing throughout, and pulls it off quite well.

Pegasvs – “Atlántico”
In a fantastic piece on Spain’s DIY music scene, Pitchfork writer Jenn Pelly declared Barcelona electronic pop duo Pegasvs as her favorite discovery. It’s easy to see why; “Atlántico” soars with universal appeal. Whatever the lyrics translate to, they are surely beautiful.

Supreme Cuts – “18th”
Chicago’s Supreme Cuts fuse strands of R&B, Juke, and ambient music into something all their own. “18th”, a highlight from their debut full length out this week, transports to that aqueous middle zone between head-nodding and nodding off.

Arthur Russell – “Let’s Go Swimming (Gulf Stream Dub)”
This avant dancefloor work of genius is from 1986 but still feels very much of the future.

Pure Bathing Culture – “Silver Shore’s Lake”
Conversely, this easy-going number from current Portland duo Pure Bathing Culture feels very much of 1986 (in a good way).

Nomadic Firs – “Into the Fire”
About a minute into the fire, we find our psychedelic trip taking a sudden turn for the sing-along. On the other end is rustic Tennessee pop experimentalist Ryan Boos, and he sounds like the friendliest, most optimistic dude ever. Which makes sense, being part of the Crash Symbols family.

Tomas Barfod – “November Skies”
It’s clear the November skies Nina Kinert speaks of do not suggest our own, or perhaps even hers in Sweden, or Barfod’s in Denmark. Summer months might be a closer fit, but really, these colors end up striking too sweet and surreal to place in this actual world, at any season.

Candy Claws – “Do You Ever Feel That Way”
This jubilant cover of 90s alt-rock band Starflyer 59 finds Colorado’s finest dreamscape imagineers operating uncharacteristically direct, and it works.

Lindstrøm – “De Javu (Mark McGuire Remix)”
There’s a backwards kind of beauty about Emeralds guitarist Mark McGuire remixing a heavyweight producer like Lindstrøm, as if rescuing the original track from its own gravity by way of shimmering Stratocaster.

Future Islands – “Beach Foam”
I remember landing on Future Islands’ MySpace page in 2008 and being floored by “Beach Foam”. Three solid albums from the Baltimore synth-wave greats later, it’s nice to return to simpler times, and picture that raspy, romantic Sam Herring on a beach somewhere, gripping at the sand and singing his heart out.