Our Top Five Favorite Faces from NYFW


Our Top Five Favorite Faces from NYFW


Maya Monès, Dick Wagner, Jos Howard Demme, Cheeky Ma, Garrison Partusch

New York Fashion Week has been undergoing a number of transformations, including the standard practice of casting conventionally attractive, signed models as vessels for designers’ creations to simply hang on. We’ve been through the age of untouchable supermodels, the regrettable age of heroine-chic models and now we’ve entered the age of personality models—captivating individuals cast, not only because of their appearance, but because of the energy they emit when entering any space.

More often than not, we found ourselves admiring this new wave of models during each designer’s presentation, more so than the clothes on their bodies. Casting has begun penning the beginning of a more inclusive chapter, gradually welcoming diverse gender expressions and racial backgrounds.

We’ll never forget Maya Monès powering down Vaquera’s China Chalet runway, hands on hips and sipping audience members’ cocktails; we’ll never forget Garrison Partusch posing for their life and outshining all the other more stagnant models at LRS Studio. These are NYFW’s top five freshest faces—our favorite models, who made the week a hell of a lot more interesting.


Maya Monès (@br0nz3_g0dd3ss

A photo posted by Maya Monès (@br0nz3_g0dd3ss) on

Age: 21

Preferred Pronouns: She/Her

Location: Brooklyn, New York

Shows Modeled In: Ytinifninfinity, Gypsy Sport, Vaquera, Gogo Graham, Phlemuns and Daimorf.

Favorite NYFW Memory: “We stood in our order backstage at the Gogo Graham show and my feet started hurting, so I sat down, let my head drop, closed my eyes and took a deep breath. When I looked up, I saw a single file line composed of nothing but limitless trans/gender non-conforming beauty of all colors and all sizes, as it should be. What we were about to do, who we were doing it for and why were doing it hit me right there. Tears of pride and love were disguised by my beautiful somber makeup and then Gogo yelled at me for not being in line.”

Dick Wagner (@dickpwag)

A photo posted by Dick Wagner (@dickpwag) on

Age: 23

Preferred Pronouns: He/Him

Location: New York City, New York

Shows Modeled In: Devon Halfnight LeFlufy, Bror August, Shan Huq and Daimorf.

Favorite NYFW Memory: “At the Opening Ceremony party, a friend and I ran into this Danish model he knows. We were talking and eventually found out he didn’t know what a ‘thot’ is, so we tried explaining it to him. The idea wasn’t really translating, and he got this confused look on his face. He walked away without saying a word. I guess they don’t have thots in Copenhagen?”

Jos Howard Demme (@angel69prince)

Age: 20

Preferred Pronouns: They/Them

Location: Chicago, Illinois

Shows Modeled In: Eckhaus Latta and 69US

Favorite NYFW Memory: “Vaquera at China Chalet, getting a kiss from Robbie Rogers while he worked the runway.”

Cheeky Ma (@cheekymaa)

A photo posted by Cheeky (@cheekymaa) on

Age: 18

Preferred Pronouns: He/She/It/They/Them

Location: Long Island, New York

Shows Modeled In: LRS, Nicopanda and Whatever21.

Favorite NYFW Memory: “I had so much fun walking for the Nicopanda presentation. I’m so thankful Nicola Formichetti for creating such a beautiful experience for everyone and I’m excited to be working with him again for Paris Fashion week.”

Garrison Partusch (@fatalfauxpas

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Age: 19

Preferred Pronouns: They/Them

Location: New York City, New York

Shows Modeled In: Rowan, VFiles, LRS, Ytinifninfinity and Gogo Graham.

Favorite NYFW Memory: “During the LRS presentation, I was really feeling myself when it was my turn in the lineup to have my solo moment on the other side of the stage, turning out the full-on power strut. That’s when I learned that the plexiglass paneling, the sole of my heels and the crossed-ankle walk I was serving didn’t mix, and I slipped. As I fell, I thought, ‘Well, I can either A) Collapse to the floor, freeze up in shock and start breaking down of embarrassment in front of the whole crowd or B) Catch myself, roll over and strike a pose as if it was all meant to happen.’ I chose the latter of course, channeling the fear accumulated from the fall into a total sexy recovery moment. I mean hey, Carrie Bradshaw fell too, right?”